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I’m a mom 7 times over. My husband always does a great job getting me something special for Mother’s Day.

My kids are also great about spoiling me. I have a soft spot for their homemade cards and gifts, that’s for sure!

I’m often asked for gift ideas for other moms and since, as a review blogger, I see a LOT of products come through my inbox and door every year, I wanted to share some of my top recommendations for Mother’s Day today.

My Top 2024 Gifts for Mother's Day


If You Don’t Have a Favorite Pillow, You Haven’t Tried the Scrumptious Side Pillow from Honeydew!

Do you have a favorite pillow? This is the story of my favorite pillow and why I think every side sleeper should own the Scrumptious Side Pillow from Honeydew Sleep Company.


Where My Love of Pillows Began

Growing up I had the privilege of spending many weekends and weeks during the summer at my grandparents’ home in Pennsylvania.

They lived out in the woods on some land where my cousins and I could spend all day playing outside, building forts, walking on trails my Grandfather had mowed through the woods, and working in his woodshop.

It was always such a fun time for a young girl!

I have SO many great memories of time spent with my grandparents (isn’t that how it should be?). Isn’t it funny how sometimes we forget a memory but something happens in life and we’re reminded of that?

Side sleeper Pillow

A few days ago a memory was brought to my mind about when I first discovered that pillows are NOT created equal. I was spending the night at my grandparents’ and realized that they had pillows that were way more comfortable than our pillows back home.

My grandparents, I discovered, had feather pillows. I remember telling my Grandmother how much I LOVED her pillows and how comfortable they were and my Grandma, being the sweet, generous lady she was, told me I could take one of her pillows home.

To this day, I still remember how excited I was to get that pillow home! I used it every night for years and years and years until I finally replaced it with a new feather pillow…that turned out to not be nearly as good as the one from my grandmother.

Yes, my obsession with a great pillow goes all the way back to my childhood and it continues through today.

I Got a Honeydew Sleep Scrumptious Side Pillow

Although I had my beloved feather pillow from my grandmother for quite a while, eventually it reached a point of needing to be replaced. All good things must eventually come to an end, right?

I purchased a new feather pillow but, like I said, it was just not as good. The feathers often poked through the pillow which was definitely not comfortable for sleeping.

I went on to purchase a few other pillows over the years but none of them wowed me. They were just a pillow, easily replaced and just like any other pillow.

Must Have!

Then a few years ago the Honeydew Sleep Company sent me one of their Scrumptious Side Pillows to check out as a possible submission to my holiday gift guide.

It only took one night for me to realize I. LOVED.IT! That pillow earned its way into my gift guide and became my new favorite pillow.

Adjustable pillow

"Instantly I was hooked. I slept like a baby on this pillow, so much so, that if I was spending the night somewhere else, I took my pillow with me."

I took that pillow everywhere I went through multiple trips and moves…until a few months ago I left it accidentally at a condo in Williamsburg, VA.

It wasn’t until I got ready for bed the night we came home that I realized my grave error. My beloved pillow was 4.5 hours from me and I was forced to sleep on another pillow we owned.

I thought I could make another pillow we had work for me. We had other pillows designed for side sleeping and they weren’t cheap pillows. I thought they would be comparable but they just weren’t.

I cycled through the other pillows we had for a few weeks but no matter which pillow I tried, they just couldn’t measure up to my Scrumptious Side Pillow.

A good night’s sleep is so important, especially as a busy mom of 7 kids, so finally I decided enough is enough. I wrote to the people at Honeydew Sleep and told them if they would send me a new pillow, I would write an entire post to tell all of you just how much I LOVE my Scrumptious Side Pillow.

Not only did they send me a new pillow and pillowcase (thank you!) – they sent one for my husband as well! Now we both have a Honeydew Sleep Scrumptious Side Pillow and I am back to sleeping as I should!

And my husband, well, he doesn’t go to sleep without his pillow now either!


Bamboo Sheets!

Why I Love My Honeydew Sleep Scrumptious Side Pillow

So why are these pillows my favorite? Well, the biggest reason is that I awake with absolutely no neck or shoulder pain. The pillows are designed in a way that they cradle my neck perfectly, even when side sleeping.

Not only do they cradle your neck just perfectly, but the stuffing inside of these pillows feels incredible. It’s like you are sleeping on a bed of fluffy clouds.

I have never tried another pillow quite like this pillow, and I’ve tried a few. It’s simply AMAZING!

Side sleeper pillow

PS – Check Out The Honeydew Sleep Company Body Pillow Too

And, although this post is about Honeydew Sleep Company’s Scrumptious Sidesleeper Pillow, I couldn’t write this post without mentioning their body pillow. I have that as well and, WOW, it’s fabulous!

My husband and I tend to fight over it throughout the night. If you suffer from hip pain and find that propping your leg up on a pillow helps (like me), you’ll notice a huge difference once you start using this pillow!

It’s always a fabulous body pillow for pregnancy.

Get Your Own Scrumptious Side Pillow

These pillows are on SALE right now for nearly 50% off of the regular price. They also offer a money-back guarantee so you can try one at no risk. Make sure you get one of their special, fitted pillowcases too.

If you suffer from neck and/or shoulder pain and sleep on your side, trust me, you are going to love this pillow!

Honeydew sleep pillow

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