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The Scrumptious Travel Pillow

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The Scrumptious Travel Pillow has the same support and comfort as The Scrumptious Side Pillow, simply on a smaller scale. Looking for a compromise-free experience? This is the only travel pillow that is as comfortable to use in transit as it is at your destination.

FREE Nationwide Shipping

We offer free shipping for all orders in the USA. (Full Details)

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 60 night money back guarantee on all orders. (Full Details)

Dimensions & Specs

The Scrumptious Travel Pillow measures approximately:
21" x 12"
Every Scrumptious Travel Pillow includes a free custom fitted pillow case, as well as a carrying bag.

Care Instructions

Every pillow we make has a machine washable (and tumble dry) cover, just remove the fill before washing. There is a hidden zipper on the back of all our pillows that makes this easy.

The best way to keep them clean is to use one of our amazing pillowcases on it. They help protect your pillow, are a piece of cake to wash and dry, and they feel incredible! They make your pillow more cooling, and are unbelievably soft. Your skin will thank you :)

Warranty Information

This product has a 3 year limited warranty, which covers any defects in materials and workmanship.

Read the full warranty details (here).

    As Seen On

    Rules Are Made To Be Broken

    The Scrumptious Travel Pillow is not at all like other travel pillows.

    Our goal with this pillow was to give you the full Scrumptious Pillow experience while you are away from home. To do this, we designed this pillow to be 21” x 12”, which is a little bit larger than what you would expect from a pillow designed to only be used on a plane. This is what really makes this pillow special.

    We wanted something that was as comfortable to use while in transit as it would be at your destination, and the Scrumptious Travel Pillow delivers on this in spades.

    Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

    Having proper support and an amazing night’s sleep no matter where you are really changes the experience of traveling – you may never want to come home.

    Just in case you were worried, don’t be – the Scrumptious Travel Pillow has the same hidden zipper that its bigger sibling has, so you can adjust the height and firmness to get it just the way you like it.

    The World is Waiting

    The Scrumptious Travel Pillow is built for life on the road. Every travel pillow comes with its own custom sized pillow case and carrying bag so that you will never find yourself without a good night’s sleep, no matter where life takes you.

    The carrying bag has a convenient handle designed to double as a suitcase strap to make bringing it with you easier than ever. Hands full with duty free candy and noise cancelling headphones? No problem – just slide it over your carry-on’s handle and away you go.

    Practically Perfect In Every Way

    When it comes to materials, we use only the best of the best. The foam component of our fill is 100% CertiPUR-US certified Copper infused foam (click here to learn more about the CertiPUR-US program).

    Why Copper? Copper is far more effective at cooling than gel based memory foam, and has naturally antibacterial properties, which helps keep your pillow fresh night after night.

    The best part – your pillow provides the unparalleled support, and sleeps cool, all night long.

    Designed by Us, Perfected by YOU.

    All of our pillows have a discreetly hidden zipper that lets you add or remove fill to make sure our pillow is the perfect height for your body. After all, one size doesn’t fit all, and nobody knows what you need better than you.

    We may have designed the greatest pillow in the world, but you are the one that makes it perfect.

    Hand Crafted in California

    Here at Honeydew Sleep, we proudly make all of our pillows the old-fashioned way:

    With love, by hand, in the USA.

    We are so confident that you are going to love your new pillow, that we offer a risk free 60-day trial on every pillow that we sell. That's right, free shipping both ways.

    What are you waiting for?
    Trust us, you are worth it.

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    Our Commitment

    A True Family Business

    All Textiles Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified

    All Foam CertiPUR-US Certified

    60 Night Trial & 3 Year Warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 308 reviews
    Areej H.
    Finally received my pillow!!

    I received my pillow today , and I am excited to have it and can't wait to try it .
    Thanks Honey dew team for your creation!!! I always wished to have a pillow to travel with that I can sleep on when I am staying in hotels.

    I am so happy!! :))


    Amy F.
    Best support!

    I’ve been having a difficult time finding a pillow that supports my neck. After spending hundreds of dollars on pillows which are now in my closet, my husband did some research online to find a pillow for people who struggle to get a good night’s rest due to spinal problems. In the process, he found the honeydew website. He shared the link with me and I decided to try it since it comes with a money-back guarantee! We got a two pack since I felt it was only fair since honeydew was promising the best night’s sleep ever that my husband deserved to have that too since he found the pillow for me. We even purchased the powdered sugar fitted pillow cases. Everything arrived in a short amount of time (about 6 days from the west coast to PA) and was well packaged and looked great. Here we are a month and a half later and we both love the scrumptious side sleeper! I told my sister-in-law about it and she ordered one too. It wasn’t exactly what she needed so she sent it back and got the scrumptious classic which she loves! So 3 people in a small town in PA are getting the most restful sleep of their lives! 😊💤 Thank you Honeydew!

    This is the ONLY PILLOW FOR ME !!!! I tried many many many pillows and this is it

    I love this pillow so soft yet plump , I have bad pain in my neck and this is the ONLY PILLOW I USE



    Mary Ellen Vaz

    Love this pillow No more neck pain

    Scott Cook
    Scrumptious pillow

    Best pillow ever!!

    Jennifer Bennett

    Another pillow bites the dust. Very uncomfortable.

    Nancy F.
    Queen side Scrumptious side pillow

    Love love my pillow best pillow I ever had, the Only issue I have is that it came a little flatter than I like. It is flatter than the travel pillow I ordered from you, I had to take some of the filling or stuffing from my travel pillow and add it to my queen pillow, I would of liked it to be fuller, then I could remove some to my liking if so.. please send some extra stuffing, I truly recommend these pillows especially the travel size.. love love my pillows

    yvonne r.
    love all your pillows and

    love all your pillows and as a PT I recommend to all my clients to remove some stuffing and adjust as needed super cozy!

    Lyndi M.
    Love this pillow

    I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to find the right pillow. I wish I would have tried this one first. I love the cut out for side sleeping. My neck rests comfortably on the follow while my shoulder rests inside the cut out. Highly recommend!

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