My "back" Story!

My "back" Story!

Welcome to Heart to Heart with Honeydew! I've got a few more sleep tips for you this week, and I'll recommend a few products your significant other is sure to love. In addition, I've got a wild, painful story for's long but worth the read 💗

Okay, so don't literally wear dark sunglasses to bed. But it is important to make sure your room is prime for sleeping!
The darker your room is, the better you’ll sleep because any light can disrupt your sleep patterns.
One simple way to ensure you're in the dark is to use blackout curtains.  They're inexpensive and effective. 
Another way? A silk sleep mask - which you can get for FREE with the purchase of Honeydew Sheets ;)
One of my favorite tips for sleep is to make sure that your bedding is optimal. Rough, hot sheets? No, thanks!
Why not treat your loved one to the best sleep of their lives with an amazing set of 100% bamboo sheets? Or, keep them forever young with our Forever Young Beauty Box (pillow, pillowcase, and eye mask included).
So many people underestimate the impact that high-quality bedding can have on their sleep. Plus, it makes a great Valentine's Day gift! 



When I was going to College, I developed crippling lower back pain. It came out of nowhere and in many ways immobilized me.
At first, it began as a dull intermittent ache, and as it escalated in frequency and severity, I became increasingly nervous and confused. I hadn’t had any injuries of note, and I had never been involved in any strenuous activities or high-impact sports.
None of this made any sense to me. The lower back pain intensified and soon I had severe pain shooting down my right leg, causing tingling and numbness. I even began limping, which made it difficult to drive, sit in class,  and function properly in everyday life.
I went to a myriad of doctors, and after multiple scans and tests, I was finally diagnosed with a bulging disk.
Basically, I was told that I had an exaggerated curvature of my lower spine and that the crowded vertebrae were excessively compressing the discs in between them.
For my condition, I was prescribed copious amounts of pain medications and physical therapy. I tried to take the pain medicine as infrequently as possible because I hated how foggy it made me feel. I went to every physical therapy appointment. I sat through countless treatments with hot and cold packs, electrical stimulation, and various exercises, and yet relief always seemed just beyond my grasp.
I had to hold my breath in pain as I slowly and carefully laid back in my bed for each sleepless night. At this point, I was told that my only options were pain management or surgery. I could not believe it had come to this, and I was not ready to accept either of those options. I felt in my heart that there had to be another way.
Finally, upon explaining my experiences and diagnosis to yet another doctor, he paused and asked what kind of mattress I slept on. I had no idea of course, and certainly, it had never occurred to me that there could be any correlation between my mattress and my pain.
He recommended a certain kind of mattress to me, and at the time, seeing how much I was struggling, my parents invested in it for me. I was young when all of this was happening to me and feeling so discouraged because nothing was working to even slightly diminish my pain.
However, I was desperate and willing to try anything, so I climbed into my new bed with my last shred of hope. 
Much to my surprise, it worked.
As the nights passed by, I found that I was holding my breath less and less, that the tingling had become more mild, and that my right foot was becoming reliable again. I was cautiously becoming more optimistic, and then one day, I just didn’t have any pain.
It didn’t happen in an instant, but it struck me one moment when I was sitting around laughing about something with my friends, that for the first time in as long as I could remember, I was not in pain. I no longer needed any pain medication, or the physical therapy in dark cold rooms, or a driver to get me where I needed to go.
That new mattress gave me my youth, health, and freedom back. In that moment, I saw firsthand the power of proper support and alignment while I slept, and I began telling anyone who would listen. 
I was so passionate about this that all of my friends and family who could afford it ended up investing in the same mattress that I had, or upgrading to a better mattress than the one they had been sleeping on.
Every single one of my loved ones reported back with incredible improvements to their sleep, and what a pleasant impact this was having on their waking moments.
When I met the man that I fell in love with, it was no surprise to me that he was a mattress salesman. It all made perfect sense, and I definitely winked back at the universe, both amused and grateful for this uncanny coincidence.
After we got married, I was laid off from my job and stepped in “temporarily” to help out in the family business. That was in 2014, and here I am today!
Since then, my interest, passion, knowledge, and admiration for the industry have grown exponentially. Over these years, I have taken a personal and vested interest in improving people’s sleep, hearing their stories, and working with them to find the best ways that I could improve their health and wellness. 
Before I knew it, we started the Honeydew Sleep Company and began helping people just like you live their most vibrant lives.
I can't wait to connect the dots and tell you more about how Honeydew Sleep came to be. Stay tuned!
Thanks for reading - Let me know what you're doing to support your sleep this week!
Evita - Founder of Honeydew

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