Scrumptious Pillow  a Top Pillow for Better Sleep!

We're a Top Pillow for Better Sleep according to Chatelaine!

Scrumptious Pillow for Better Sleep

Position: sideways

Investing in the Scrumptious Pillow may come with a higher price tag, but it's worth every penny. Unanimously voted as the favorite by our three testers, they've been fiercely guarding it from their loved ones ever since.

Crafted with a dense filling comprised of two varieties of memory foam, this pillow exudes luxury. It strikes the perfect balance between plush coziness and firm support, ensuring a better sleep. Should you desire a thinner profile, simply remove some foam shavings.

Scrumptious Pillow by Honeydew for Better Sleep

Our panel lauded its half-moon shape, describing it as "embracing," "comforting," and "ideal for cuddling."

When sleeping on your side, you'll notice impeccable neck support without any shoulder pressure. On your back, the pillow seamlessly conforms to your head's shape, promoting proper spinal alignment

Thanks to its consistent thickness, even the curved edges keep your head securely in place.

Throughout our testing period, the Scrumptious Pillow retained its shape and plush appearance without any signs of flattening.

However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks. With only one layer of cover, machine washing requires careful removal of the foam and cautious reinsertion to prevent any indentations. 

Additionally, purchasing a specialized pillowcase, priced at over $50, is necessary for each pillow.


  • Size Tested: Queen
  • Fill: Exclusive blend of two copper-infused memory foams
  • Cover Material: 29% viscose, 17% spandex, 54% polyester (machine washable)
  • Firmness: Rather firm
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

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