Best Adjustable Pillow for Side Sleeper

Best pillows for side sleepers for a comfortable night’s rest by AP

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Best pillow for Side Sleepers with Neck Pain

Getting older means waking up with all sorts of weird aches and pains, but this side sleeper pillow was specifically designed to nip neck pain in the bud — and it does! A unique curved shape cradles the neck and shoulders so you’re perfectly aligned all night, while a ribbon that wraps around the sides of the pillow helps maintain its height so you never roll onto a flat part. Soft yet supportive, the Honeydew Sleep Scrumptious pillow is made from 100% CertiPUR-US certified Copper-infused foam, which is not only extra cooling but infused with natural antibacterial properties so your pillow stays fresher for longer.


  • Fill: 100% CertiPUR-US certified Copper-infused foam.
  • Loft: Not listed.
  • Firmness: Soft, yet firm.
  • Sleep trial: 60 nights.
  • Care: Remove fill to machine wash and tumble dry cover.
  • Sizes: Queen and king.
  • Price on publish: From $129.99.

What we like:

  • Unique curve shape ensures proper neck alignment, alleviating pain.
  • Super soft yet extra supportive.
  • 100% CertiPUR-US certified Copper-infused foam is cooling with antibacterial properties for freshness.
  • Pillow maintains an even height all over.

Fluffy yet firm, this curved pillow helps ease shoulder and neck pain and will have you sleeping like a baby again.

What we don’t like:

  • Only the cover is machine washable.

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