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Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Side Pillows

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Honeydew’s silk pillowcase is the holy grail of anti-aging products. 

Made from the highest grade of 100% organic silk available (100% 22 Momme Mulberry Silk, Grade 6A), it is about to be the most important skin care product in your arsenal. A Honeydew silk pillowcase is the ultimate luxury, and will quickly become your favorite new beauty secret.

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Money Back Guarantee

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Dimensions & Specs

These pillowcases are available in a beautiful Powdered Sugar (white) finish. They are custom made to be a perfect fit for our Scrumptious and Essence Side Sleeper Pillows. That means that they have a curved shape, and will not fit on a traditional rectangular pillow.

• Queen size fits our pillows that are approximately 15” x 27”
• King size fits our pillows that are approximately 17” x 30”

Fabric Content

100% 22 Momme Mulberry Silk of the Highest Grade (6A), 100% Scrumptious.

Care Instructions

For the best results, hand wash & hang dry. If machine washing, wash separately in cold water (in a mesh laundry bag if possible) on the most delicate setting. Lay flat to dry or dry on lowest temperature setting. Although not recommended, if you insist on ironing, only use the lowest temperature setting with lots of steam.

Warranty Information

This product has a 1 year limited warranty, which covers any defects in materials and workmanship.

Read the full warranty details (here).

    Silk is the New Self Care.

    ❤️ Hydrated Skin is Happier – You Glow, Girl!

    Honeydew’s silk pillowcase doesn’t draw any moisture away from your skin, allowing it to maintain the proper protective balance of hydration. This allows your skin to thrive, and appear fresh and luminous.

    ❤️ Silky Hair, Don’t Care

    Honeydew’s silk pillowcase helps your hair maintain moisture, reducing the friction and dehydration that causes frizz and breakage.

    ❤️ Silk – Winning The War On Wrinkles

    Honeydew’s silk pillowcase offers the ultimate sleek surface for your face to glide over without catching or causing irritation. This is the ultimate safeguard against wrinkles and fine lines.

    ❤️ Calm, Cool, & Comfortable

    Silk is an exceptional heat regulator. It always remains cool to the touch and prevents overheating, which can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

    As Seen On

    Softer, Smoother Skin While You Sleep

    Getting high quality, productive sleep is the most important thing we can do for our skin.

    To support that restorative nature of sleep, you need to consider your sleep surface. When your face can slide effortlessly over your pillow without catching, pulling, or drawing moisture from your skin, it actively reduces facial wrinkling and allows your skin to maintain its supple quality. We want our skin to be soft and silky, so doesn’t it make sense that our pillowcase should be exactly that?

    Natural Fibers Enhance Your Natural Beauty

    Silk's unique natural protein fiber is proven to increase skin hydration, and even fight acne while you sleep.

    It is also inherently hypoallergenic (even against dust mites, which can’t live on silk), and the best fabric available for sensitive skin - including people with skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.

    Silk gives your skin the best chance to breathe, heal, and restore itself while you slumber.

    Making Bedhead Beautiful

    Your newfound absence of friction reduces tangles and prevents bed head, making styling your hair effortless and shaving precious time off of your morning routine.

    If you want the silkiest, strongest, shiniest hair of your life, you have come to the right place.

    Our Commitment

    100% Certified Organic

    Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified

    Sustainable, Renewable, & Biodegradable

    60 Night Trial & 1 Year Warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 145 reviews
    Sara B
    Beautiful material and washes well! Please Upgrade zipper!

    The material on the cases is soft and washes well. The negative is the bright white zipper on the Mint and Silver colors which gives it a cheaper quality. Does not affect the usage of the pillow, which I love - just seems like an oversight for such a high quality product. Please upgrade the zipper!

    stephanie drawdy

    it works. !!!

    Lisa Walterskirchen
    Wonderfully smooth pillow case

    This silk pillowcase is cool and smooth and totally worth the money! Hope they make it in morning mint too!!

    Nancy F.
    Love them a little loose,

    Love them a little loose, but love that there the shape of the pillows

    Ryan S.
    Best of the best

    Perfect compliment to an already great pillow - soft and cooling - fantastic product

    Joan Z.
    Love this luxurious silk pillowcase

    I bought two silk pillowcases and a new queen side sleeper pillow which I planned to use as a backup. My husband decided he would like to try the pillow. I gave him the one with a cotton pillowcase and he loves it. Now I can't get it back and will probably have to get another queen size pillow. I have two of the travel pillows. The silk pillowcases are beautifully wrapped, a present to yourself. They are expensive but worth every cent.

    Vicki C.
    Incredibly soft fabric. The whole

    Incredibly soft fabric.
    The whole pillow experience is like a dream come true!

    Julie F.
    Tailored mulberry silk - wonderful!

    The organic mulberry silk cases for the side sleeper pillow are wonderful. I had been using queen sized silk cases (rectangular) on top of the fitted case for a while and so was delighted to see that Honeydew had tailored to fit mulberry silk cases.

    I hand washed them when they arrived. The material is beautiful - soft, cool, and of excellent quality. I highly recommend these cases and plan to buy more, for the side sleeper pillows I have on every bed. My whole family loves them.

    Matt R.
    The pillow case is great,

    The pillow case is great, except for the exposed zipper

    Lucille L.
    Wonderful pillow.

    Wonderful pillow.

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