The Brett Davern Show... Brought To You By Honeydew Sleep!

The Brett Davern Show... Brought to you by Honeydew Sleep!

We could not be more excited to announce that we are now a sponsor of The Brett Davern Show on idobi radio!

We met Brett Davern and Katie Leclerc at the Academy Awards gifting suite that we were a part of in March, and it was clear right away that our pillow was a great fit for them. Brett in particular told us that he had been sleeping on a boppy for the past few years, and we knew that what he was trying to get from the boppy was the elusive support that the Scrumptious Pillow was designed to provide. We also knew that with our temperature management features and even support regardless of sleeping position that our pillow was going to be a revelation for him.

He was blown away. Right away he reached out to us on social media asking how he could get every room in his house outfitted with Scrumptious pillows. We had been fans of Brett and Katie before meeting them from their TV shows (If you haven't watched Switched at Birth and Awkward, seriously, go do so. They are both great shows!), and we started listening to their morning show on idobi radio. Right away we knew we wanted to be involved somehow.

We came on board as a sponsor and have set up a weekly contest with them where we will give away a scrumptious pillow every Friday for the next few weeks. Here's Brett and Katie explaining how to enter:

Brett Davern and Katie Leclerc explain how to enter to win a free scrumptious pillow!

We are so happy to be working with them. They are really great people, and this whole thing has been a dream come true for us. The Honeydew team has always been big fans of talk radio as a medium, even pre-dating our existence as a company. Jonathan and Fred are constantly quoting their favorite bits from the glory days of FM talk to each other, and Jonathan's Tom Leykis impression is legendary (by that I mean it is known the world over for how terrible it is. What can I say, he is no Brian Whitman).

We encourage you to listen to their show live every morning at 7am PST, and to head on over to our instagram account to enter to win a free Scrumptious Pillow!

Also, if you want to watch Jonathan and Evita in the studio with Brett and Katie, you can do so here:

This episode of The Brett Davern Show has Jonathan and Evita of Honeydew Sleep in the studio, along with Playboy model Jenny Watwood... enjoy!