Discover the secrets within! - people + pillows 💤

Discover the secrets within! - people + pillows 💤

Welcome to Heart to Heart with Honeydew!  This week, I'm offering the top-recommended sleep advice, recounting a wacky dream I experienced, and providing insights into pillow fill. Let's dive in!  
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The foremost sleep recommendation from doctors? Maintain a regular schedule! This entails going to bed and waking up at consistent times every night, even on weekends! This practice aids in resetting your body's internal clock, facilitating easier sleep initiation and maintenance. That's certainly a fantastic piece of sleep advice worth embracing.   Here's to improve sleep for everyone!
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Last night, I experienced the most peculiar but delightful dream.
I found myself floating weightlessly in a grapefruit-colored sky full of pillows!
 These pillows of every conceivable shape, size, and color, came to life and greeted me with smiles and waves as they glided past.
There was a moment when I reached out and hugged a massive, pink, heart-shaped pillow, giggling with glee as it soared higher into the sky.
 Together, we floated over a city composed entirely of the most unique pillow varieties, an overwhelmingly stunning sight.
It was certainly a strange and yet enchanting dream – but not entirely surprising since pillows are always on my mind!
Have you had any entertaining dreams lately?

Classic Scrumptious Pillow

It's the inner content that truly matters, isn't it?   Absolutely!   I hold this belief to be valid for both individuals and pillows. Fortunately, we offer two exceptional pillow fill options to ensure you have the perfect one for your comfort.   The Essence pillows feature a gel-based fill that maintains a cool and supportive pillow.   Our Scrumptious pillows, on the other hand, contain foam infused with copper. This copper infusion not only helps keep your pillow cool at night but also serves as an antimicrobial agent!
Classic Scrumptious Pillow

What sets us apart, especially concerning our fill? We produce all our fill in-house, utilizing tailor-made machinery designed to create the ideal fill we had envisioned.   The fill constitutes the most crucial aspect of your pillow, and it required years of experimenting with prototypes and conducting tests before we discovered the flawless blend of materials in the perfect ratio.   This combination provides the optimal balance of support and softness that we sought.   Indeed, our pillows are the perfect place to rest your melon!

Thanks for reading - Reply and let me know how our pillows have helped you!
Love,   Evita Evita - Founder of Honeydew

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