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Beautiful material and washes well! Please Upgrade zipper!

The material on the cases is soft and washes well. The negative is the bright white zipper on the Mint and Silver colors which gives it a cheaper quality. Does not affect the usage of the pillow, which I love - just seems like an oversight for such a high quality product. Please upgrade the zipper!

Finally received my pillow!!

I received my pillow today , and I am excited to have it and can't wait to try it .
Thanks Honey dew team for your creation!!! I always wished to have a pillow to travel with that I can sleep on when I am staying in hotels.

I am so happy!! :))


A game changer for those with neck pain

This pillow is the only one I can use now. It has made such a difference for the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. The material is dense but soft and it’s breathable so I don’t get too hot. The curved shape kind of snuggles you and gives your face support while you sleep on your side. My toddler daughter has also become obsessed with it so I lost my original pillow to her and bought another one. It takes a few days to get used to this new style of pillow but trust. I have to use it exclusively now and take it everywhere- even the hospital when I delivered my son!

Best support!

I’ve been having a difficult time finding a pillow that supports my neck. After spending hundreds of dollars on pillows which are now in my closet, my husband did some research online to find a pillow for people who struggle to get a good night’s rest due to spinal problems. In the process, he found the honeydew website. He shared the link with me and I decided to try it since it comes with a money-back guarantee! We got a two pack since I felt it was only fair since honeydew was promising the best night’s sleep ever that my husband deserved to have that too since he found the pillow for me. We even purchased the powdered sugar fitted pillow cases. Everything arrived in a short amount of time (about 6 days from the west coast to PA) and was well packaged and looked great. Here we are a month and a half later and we both love the scrumptious side sleeper! I told my sister-in-law about it and she ordered one too. It wasn’t exactly what she needed so she sent it back and got the scrumptious classic which she loves! So 3 people in a small town in PA are getting the most restful sleep of their lives! 😊💤 Thank you Honeydew!

This is the ONLY PILLOW FOR ME !!!! I tried many many many pillows and this is it

I love this pillow so soft yet plump , I have bad pain in my neck and this is the ONLY PILLOW I USE

The Essence Side Pillow

it works. !!!



Amazing fabric & printing

Love the softness of the shirt. I ordered several more for gifts. Runs slightly small for men's sizing


Love this pillow No more neck pain

Wonderfully smooth pillow case

This silk pillowcase is cool and smooth and totally worth the money! Hope they make it in morning mint too!!

Scrumptious pillow

Best pillow ever!!


Another pillow bites the dust. Very uncomfortable.

Queen side Scrumptious side pillow

Love love my pillow best pillow I ever had, the Only issue I have is that it came a little flatter than I like. It is flatter than the travel pillow I ordered from you, I had to take some of the filling or stuffing from my travel pillow and add it to my queen pillow, I would of liked it to be fuller, then I could remove some to my liking if so.. please send some extra stuffing, I truly recommend these pillows especially the travel size.. love love my pillows

Love them a little loose,

Love them a little loose, but love that there the shape of the pillows

love all your pillows and

love all your pillows and as a PT I recommend to all my clients to remove some stuffing and adjust as needed super cozy!

Love this pillow

I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to find the right pillow. I wish I would have tried this one first. I love the cut out for side sleeping. My neck rests comfortably on the follow while my shoulder rests inside the cut out. Highly recommend!

Most Comfortable Pillow Ever

I had one Queen and two travel size pillows. I ordered a second queen size and two silk pillow covers for myself. My husband decided to try my old one with the cotton cover and now wants to keep it. I kept both silk pillowcases for myself. The silk is like sleeping on a cloud. I plan to order another Queen so I have two silk pillows, so great for keeping hairdo longer and skin wrinkle free!

Best pillow I've ever had!

This pillow is perfect for me and worth every penny!! With my standard memory foam pillow my hands would go numb and sting every night, and I couldn't breathe well. The shape, filling, size are so comfortable and fit me so well. I'll never go back. Great product!!

My New Pillow is Amazing

Received my new Scrumptious Side Sleeper pillow two weeks ago and right away just want to say how delightful it is to invest in a product that makes you so happy. The folks at Honeydew have made such an amazing product. My sleep has improved dramatically and so has my comfort. I love this design, as I am someone who tends to sleep in all three positions (side to side and back), and this pillow provides perfect support for all three - no other pillow has ever been able to do that. I ordered my pillow with the bamboo case, which is very soft and cooling. This is the best pillow I have ever owned. Thank you Honeydew! I will be telling everyone.

Best of the best

Perfect compliment to an already great pillow - soft and cooling - fantastic product

Incredibly soft fabric. The whole

Incredibly soft fabric.
The whole pillow experience is like a dream come true!

Honeydew Side Sleeper pillow

This pillow is so comfy I'm getting one for my husband! No more sore neck!

Love this luxurious silk pillowcase

I bought two silk pillowcases and a new queen side sleeper pillow which I planned to use as a backup. My husband decided he would like to try the pillow. I gave him the one with a cotton pillowcase and he loves it. Now I can't get it back and will probably have to get another queen size pillow. I have two of the travel pillows. The silk pillowcases are beautifully wrapped, a present to yourself. They are expensive but worth every cent.

I am not sure I

I am not sure I am sleeping on it correctly. Should my head or my cheek be on the side?