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Richard's Reviews: Pillow Travel Tips by Index-Journal

We are featured by Index Journal. Their article entitled "Richard's Reviews: Have Pillow, Will Travel"

See the excerpt below.

Speaking of flying, I have to share that the travel pillow sent my way by the Honeydew Sleep Co. was a pleasant surprise.

I don’t fly often and am usually the driver on longer road trips, so a travel pillow hasn’t really been a must-have item. We have often traveled with our own bed pillows. For Wendy, it’s a convenience so she can sleep comfortably while I drive. Also, it’s a means for her to avoid having to listen to me drone on in conversation. But we both can appreciate our home bed pillows when we are uncertain what awaits us at a hotel, although I admit some hotels have really upgraded their beds, sheets and pillows.

Anyway, this particular pillow might seem a bit pricey, certainly even pricier than those pillows you see in the airport gift shops, but how do you put a price on real comfort and neck support when traveling?

They run about $130. Yeah, I know. But again, what price for comfort and support? The company makes regular size bed pillows and even sheets.

This pillow is shaped much the way those other travel pillows are, so you can essentially cradle your neck and surround your head with the pillow, which is larger than those airport pillows.

I hear you. Larger? So, what about having to cram so much stuff into your suitcase or carry-on? The pillow can be scrunched to a smaller size and stowed in a handy and sturdy drawstring bag that you can attach to the handle of your luggage or even stow in the carry-on. What’s more, if you get to the hotel and find they have yet to upgrade their pillows to something other than what feels like a 2-by-4, the travel pillow will be your salvation.

Trust me. This is going with me on our next trip. Only, I suspect Wendy will slip it away from me for herself. They’re low-maintenance too. Toss it in the dryer when you get it and it fluffs up. Comes with its own custom-fitted pillow case, in addition to the travel bag. Sorry, but I’m not giving this one away. I’m gonna rest my melon on this Honeydew when I roam. Check it out at . Also, of course, on Amazon.

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