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The Scrumptious Pillow Case for Classic Pillows

The Scrumptious Pillow Case for Classic Pillows

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So our pillows are perfection and we couldn’t be more proud of them. But, as the proud parent we couldn’t bear to send our perfect little baby out into the world naked and afraid. We wouldn’t dream of it!

And so we created the perfect pairing for your pillow with the ultimate pillowcase. Like wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, unicorns and rainbows, these two were meant to be!

Our exquisite pillowcases are smooth, they are soft, they are resilient, they are perfectly tailored to fit - they are a match made in heaven! Crafted from an incredibly soft, silky fabric derived entirely from organic Bamboo, the Scrumptious Pillow Case is every bit as delicious as the pillow it gets its name from. Why Bamboo, you ask? Simple. Bamboo has an incredible strength to weight ration, meaning that we can have a lightweight pillow case that doesn't interfere with the feel of our pillow, and it will hold up better over time than a comparable fabric (like cotton). It is also MUCH better at keeping you cool than cotton, and because Bamboo fibers are softer and silkier, it makes this fabric ideal for people with sensitive skin. Simply put, it is the best fabric for a pillow case to be made from. On top of all that, bamboo is also the fastest growing renewable resource, which makes it super eco-friendly. All around, this fabric is a win.

There you have it, pillow and case, soul mates. Go ahead, feel the fabulous.

The Scrumptious Pillow Case for Classic Pillows is available in a beautiful white color we lovingly refer to as Powdered Sugar.

And of course, just like all of our pillows, they are proudly made the old fashioned way: With love, by hand, in the USA.