VIP Sale - Exclusively for you!

VIP Sale - Exclusively for you!

Because you're such an important person to us, we're excited to announce our EARLY Black Friday BOGO sale - exclusively for our VIP customers!

This year, we're mixing it up...for every purchase of a Honeydew pillow, we'll give you another pillow 50% OFF - plus FREE pillowcases to go with each of your new pillows!

If you're thinking this is an amazing deal, you'd be right. This is something we have only ever offered once before, and less than 5% of our customers are getting this email. This deal is exclusively yours :)




*Please Note: Must add both pillows to the cart for the discount to automatically apply. We will be including your free pillowcases automatically in the box with your pillows, you do not need to add them to your cart :)

❤️   You are beautiful   ❤️ 

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